Written by a CITIZEN. For Citizens.

If you are paying attention at all to what is happenning to your country, you WILL enjoy this book.

An instruction manual for every American.

A book for the middle and extremists. The right, the left, the self-righteous, the zealot and the downtrodden.

A book for the new citizen; both the immigrant and the aspiring 17 year-old. Yes, George Washington was the first President, but you can learn the trivia later. Read this book first.

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Reviews by REAL fellow Citizens:

"A look at intended basic functioning of the United States... if we could get everyone on board."

... a new American bible.

...lots of common sense. Although, ..maybe sense isn't all that common in America anymore. [I] hope your book gets the exposure it deserves."

"To the point...fundamentals..."

A philosophy on how America is to function if, individually, we can advance past certain political, educational, and business ideas...

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